Best Smartwatches with Camera for Video Calling

Best Smartwatches with Camera for Video Calling

Video calling has become a major part of our lives. From Skype to FaceTime, the ability to connect with friends and family across the globe has never been easier. Smartwatches with camera are becoming increasingly popular. They’re worn on your wrist and allow you to access your loved ones vissually.

It’s not one or twice has many parents found themselves frustrated with the feeling of not knowing how their kids are doing away from home. A lot can happen while kids are going to and from school or while playing in the backyard. The availability of the best smartwatch with camera for video calling allows you to keep tabs with your precious little one every time he or she is away from you.

What’s more, you can use these little devices to direct someone remotely through video calling. The best smartwatch for video calling brings you a limitless device that rests many capabilities on your wrist. The issue is, these models are all over the market. Most of them are of low quality and low performing. That’s why we decided to offer some help. Here We’ve narrowed down our list to five best smartwatches with camera; you can use it to find the best for your needs.

1. Le Pan Pro - Best Smartwatch with Front Camera

The list starts with Le Pan Pro Smart Watch, a high-end, well-priced smartwatch here to take your smartwatch usability to the next level. It comes armed with everything you might ever need from a smartwatch. It comes with a 2.0MP camera designed to take photos and videos. The AMOLED round HD display allows easy interactivity with the watch and betters your usability experience. It also does Quad-Core perfect for fast execution and reliability needed when operating it.

The best part is, this smartwatch with front camera is more than a camera watch; it does come with a heart rate monitor. It uses a high-accuracy heart-rate sensor to help you know your heart rate status every time. It’s a perfect way for you to be your immediate health steward. It’s an ideal way to enjoy the smart life. Another thing, this model has best-of-its class information synchronization. What does that mean, it supports APP for the Apple IOS and Android smartphone.

With this app-connected, you receive SMS and notifications right on your wrist. What’s more, the watch comes with a built-in GPS allowing it to support GPS map tracking, Voice assistant, and satellite positioning. That will help you locate and determine precise direction. The watch display brightness adjustability is also something praised a lot as it helps save on battery.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Information Synchronization
  • High accuracy heart rate sensor
  • Adopts MTK6580 Qual Core
  • AMOLED Round HD Display
  • MSG Notification
  • USB Charging


  • Supports popular applications downloading
  • Locate and determine the correct direction
  • Built-in Speaker & Microphone
  • Support Hands-Free Dial
  • Support Contacts Sync
  • Adjustable brightness


  • The pricing isn’t pocket friendly.

2. SUQIAOQIAO Kospet Vision 4G - Best Smartwatch with Camera and Wifi

SUQIAOQIAO Kospet, a Vision 4G Smart Watch is the next model in the list. It’s a uniquely designed smartwatch with a touch IPS color screen, large and beautiful. It does also come with two display styles with a single touch and physical keys. What does that mean for you? You get a next-level smartwatch with an elegant look. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones and does support for Bluetooth. That provides a reliable though limited connectivity.

The best part is, apart from being a camera smartwatch, it’s also a multi-function model with a lot to offer. It does support voice search, gives you the weather, and also supports multi-dial download. Besides this, it can play MP3 and MP4. Remote music, Wifi, call reminders, e-book, and message notification are the other services you get from this model. You can make an answer call and make calls. There is a heart rate alarm function providing data to push you to live a healthy life.

This smartwatch phone comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage giving you enough room to store your photos and videos. The heart rate monitor uses the quad-core processor to keep tabs of your health for 24-hours automatically. As a multi-function smartwatch with multi-sport modes allows you to use it while running, hiking, climbing, riding, ping-pong, skipping, and more. What’s more, all these modes are supported by a fitness tracker.


  • Two-button styles
  • Touch IPS color screen
  • Large screen and more beautiful
  • A single touch and physical keys
  • Heart rate alarm function
  • Multi-Sport Modes
  • Multi-function


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android phones
  • Works well as a Personal Health Manager
  • Support for multi-dial download


  • Too many functions for a beginner

3. Burxoe - Best Smartwatch with Camera and Speaker

Another best smartwatch with a camera for video calling is the Burxoe Smart Watch. It comes as a camera smartwatch phone for android phones. Suppose you’re looking for the best smartwatch with camera and speaker, this a perfect choice for you. What you need to know is, this is a multi-function smartwatch that comes with a dial. It does allow you to call and receive calls through a SIM card or Bluetooth, which is optional. It does also come with a pedometer and sleep monitoring needed for healthy living.

What’s more, the Burxoe Smart Watch a reliably robust model with all the functionalities of a smartwatch combined with those of a smartphone. It comes with a side camera designed to take photos and also videos. It’s a phone you can use for video calls anytime, anywhere. The SIM card function allows you to make the video calls remotely without the need for your smartphone services.

Another thing, this watch comes with a stainless steel surface featuring a precision laminating process. That means you get an elegant-looking model you can rock on with your favorite suit. Additionally, the smartwatch uses a lithium battery with an impressive battery life. It has a better sleek design and makes a perfect gift for anyone, especially the elderly. You can also gift it to your kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, and more.


  • Multi-Function Design
  • Two-way anti-lost remind
  • Touchscreen with Camera
  • precision laminating process
  • Nano TPU85 material strap
  • Ergonomic convex design
  • 380mAH lithium battery
  • Sleep monitoring


  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Broad compatibility
  • Multi-language


  • There are complaints about the SIM network coverage.

4. LJRYCQSSZSF - Best Smartwatch with Video Recording

If you have a kid aged 3-years and 12-years and need the best smartwatch with video recording, you need to check this model. It’s also the most popular kid’s game watch you can put your hands on in the market. It comes with powerful functions that allow full interactivity for the kids and enables you to put tabs on your little angel. With the best smartwatch for 10 years old kids, you get to gift your loved one with preschool education toys.

What does that mean? You’ll gift your kid something to play with animals, math, color quiz, time master, etc. All these accessories are to help your kids develop the most necessary preschool intelligence. It also comes with a highly-robust video camera designed to shoot HD videos and photos; it’s perfect for recording your childhood time. The best part is, it’s an excellent moving camera that kids can use to take videos and pictures easily, anytime and anywhere.

Another feature placed on this watch to improve its functionality and usability experience is an excellent USB function. The technology allows easy transfer of the photos and videos recorded with the watch to the PC via USB. It’s a straightforward way of transferring and backing up your child’s happy memories. The best part is, the model has internal memory. That means it’s not a must you install an external SD card.


  • Digital Touchscreen
  • Multiple Powerful Functions
  • Equipped with10 puzzle games
  • Support 6 countries languages
  • High-definition camera
  • 11 powerful functions


  • Helps children develop Preschool intelligence
  • Shoots High-Definition Video & Photos
  • Safe material for kids
  • Great USB function


  • Extra download mini-games are not supported.

5. Vowor Kids Smartwatch - Best Smartwatch for Video Calling

Last in the list is the Vowor Kids Smart Watch, another best smartwatch for video calling. It’s here to simplify how you communicate with your kid(s) while he or she is away from home. It comes equipped with the latest technology to ensure it’s topping other models in the market. According to customer reviews, this watch is highly reliable when it comes to everything tracking. It does allow 2-way communication, meaning you can hear and talk back during a call.

As a 4G smartwatch phone with an HD camera, it gives you the privilege of face talking your little one whenever there is the need. The voice chat interactions make communication with your kid fun, talkative, and engaging. It does also use double position technology that is based on AGPS. That provides precise location based on cell tower station meaning double safety for your child. On top of this, you get all-day-time location tracking; the watch is to make sure you get more accurate positioning.

Another thing, the SOS emergency call feature is well implemented on this watch. With two-click on the power button, your baby can request for assistance. And you know what, it does send SOS messages to all the contacts where there is danger. It’s an ideal way to seek help during an emergency. It has an IP67 water-resistant rating allowing water splashing, swimming, and other outdoor activities that involve water. And to ice the cake, this is a smartwatch with camera and speaker, allowing a smartwatch phone’s full capability.


  • IP67 Waterproof
  • GPS + LBS Tracker
  • A high sensitive color screen
  • A 2-way video calling feature
  • Compatible with 4G data traffic


  • Ideal for face to face video talk
  • Allows Two-way communication
  • Gives more accurate positioning
  • Makes the best gift for kids


  • No SIM card

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Smartwatches have Cameras?

As you might have noticed above, some smartwatches do come with cameras. For what? Well, some are used to take photos while others are HD camera ideal for video calling or video recording. The fact is, a smartwatch with camera is a smartwatch that can take pictures. You can even come across a model with a smart watch with dual camera, which is more potent than a standard camera-enabled smartwatch.

Can Smartwatch record Video?

Not all! Some models have a design that allows them to take pictures only. There are even some models that are specifically designed for video calling but not recording. You can come across a model that records a video but does not allow video calling. So, there is a smartwatch that can record a video, and there is another model that cannot do the same.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch with Camera

And there you have it, a list of the top best-performing smartwatch with camera for video calling. Every product we’ve listed here has, in one way or the other impressed lots of customers to receive the high praises. If you’re searching for a smartwatch with a camera and allows video calling, this is the post to re-read. Good Luck!

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