Best Smartwatch for Sleep Tracking

Best Smartwatches to Track Sleep

Sleep tracking is a healthy feature in smartwatches that is gaining popularity in the world of wearable gadgets. Smartwatches are used to measure how long and well you are sleeping each night by tracking different parameters like movements, noise, and other disruptions. The Best smartwatch to track sleep can show you useful information about the quality of your sleep and wake you up with a gentle tune and soft music. As a result, you can take steps to improve your sleep.

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We have researched and reviewed the top smartwatches with a sleep tracker and come up with the best ones. Some of them are fitness tracker but sleep tracking is our main focus. Also, we will guide you about how to monitor your sleep with a smartwatch.

Do Sleep Trackers Improve Sleep?

One thing to note is that the sleep tracker smartwatches do not give 100 percent accurate information or feedback regarding your sleeping pattern. However, they provide approximate information that aids in treating a wide variety of disorders related to sleep. These sleep disorders include sleep apnea, disrupted sleep, insomnia among others.

How to Monitor Sleep with my Smartwatch?

The smartwatches for tracking sleep have different settings that you can choose depending on the activity you need to monitor. The smartwatches are equipped with the axis that senses and tracks different motions occurring in your body. So, the smartwatch sleep tracker senses when you sleep, and when you wake up, and this is calculated to determine your sleep score each night. Some models, like Fitbit, measure the heart rate and your movements to determine your sleep score.

List of the Best Smartwatches for Sleep Tracking

1. Fitbit 2 Versa - Best Smartwatch to Track Sleep

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This is an all-around smartwatch you need to keep your life on track. It is easy to use a smartwatch equipped with multiple features to use.

Smart Control with Voice Command

You don’t necessarily need to keep on touching the smartwatch to control it since it is compatible with the Goggle Alexa for smooth control. This makes it easy to set the bedtime reminder, the waking time, the workout time, and so many others by adjusting a voice setting.

Monitors Good Sleep

Are you having problems determining the right sleeping time, especially if you have a tight schedule? Well, this smartwatch is the right choice to enable you to control your sleeping pattern. The smartwatch measures your heart rate so it can notify you of the right sleep time you need. As long as you are in an area with a temperature range of 10 to 45 degrees, one of the reasons it is the best smartwatch to track sleep.

Heart Rate Monitor

This smartwatch is suitable for people working you to lose weight or if you want to monitor how many calories you lose in a day. It is equipped with a heart rate monitor that records the number of calories you burn in a day. So, you can wear the wristwatch when going to work out.

Compatible with Smartphones

You don’t necessarily need to pick up calls with your phone while still wearing this watch it is compatible with smartphones where you can pick the call, check other notifications such as messages and Facebook messages.

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  • The watch is light in weight to wear for long
  • It is easy to control with Alexa voice
  • This watch can save multiple pieces of music to listen later
  • It has various notification settings such as sleep and wakes up time, messages, and even calls.


  • If you want to download music and play on the watch, you will have to pay a monthly package to access the music

2. Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Sleep Tracker

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This model of Fitbit smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android phones; hence, it does not limit many people with smartphones.

Durable Battery

This smartwatch has a long-lasting battery that keeps the charge for up to 7 days, even if you use it daily.

Multiple Notification and Apps

Do you want this watch to notify you of calendar reminders, alarm clock, social media notifications, and even emails? Well, it has multiple notification settings and apps so you can set it to notify you of various activities.

Sleep Stage Score Monitor

If you are having problems maintaining a good sleeping pattern, then you need to buy this smartwatch to monitor your sleep. This smartwatch has sleep monitor scores that display every night to show your sleeping pattern and help you to determine if you are getting quality and sound sleep every night.

Features GPS app

This is another design of the smartwatch that fits workout enthusiasm. You can easily track your workout map if you are running as it quickly displays the routes you take and the distance you run.

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  • This smartwatch displays the numerical in large numbers for easy viewing.
  • It has multiple notification modes, including alarm, social media, calendar, and even emails.
  • The smartwatch comes with 90 days free trial for quality assurance.
  • The watch is compatible with the majority of the android and iOS phones.


  • When it comes to music, this smartwatch can only work with Spotify

3. YAMAY Smartwatch For Sleep Tracking

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This is one of the most reliable small sports watches you will find on the market right now. It is perfect for people who need a smartwatch on a budget considering it retails at less than 50 dollars.

Accurate Fitness Tracker

Do you want to track your fitness journey? This right here is the perfect gadget to buy. It is light in weight and small so you can comfortably wear it when carrying out different fitness activities. The smartwatch has a tracker, which allows you to monitor the calories burnt, heart rate, and even the distance you run.

Sleep Tracker

Do you want to know if you are getting quality sleep at night? This smartwatch will help you track your sleeping patterns every night since it monitors and records your sleep score daily. You can view your sleep score by downloading the verfit pro app. Other than this, the watch has different notifications settings like alarm setting, social media notifications, calendars, and even emails.


This smartwatch has waterproof material construction such that you can comfortably go swimming while wearing it as water cannot penetrate on the interior parts, including in the battery area. Hence, it is recommendable for swimmers.

Lightweight Smartwatch

One of the reasons this smartwatch is categorized among the best smartwatch sleep trackers is a compact and lightweight design. You can comfortably wear it when sleeping without feeling too much bulkiness, making it the best wearable sleep tracker.

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  • This is a multifunctional fitness and sleep tracker.
  • The watch is compatible with smartphones from iOS and Androids from 4.4 and above.
  • The smartwatch is comfortable to wear for a long time.
  • It is an affordable smartwatch worth buying.
  • It has seven inbuilt sports.


  • Although this smartwatch has a large display screen, it displays some tiny details, which makes it difficult to see, especially when working out.

4. UMIDGI Smartwatch Uwatch GT Activity for iPhone and Android

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If you are looking for a perfect workout device for your husband, this is an excellent and affordable device to get him. The smartwatch allows one to track their workout results for proper monitoring.

Touch screen Control Mode

Making changes and settings on this smartwatch is super easy since it features the touch screen mode. It has a 47 mm face structure size plus a 1.3 inch TFT circular color for convenience control and viewing.

Waterproof Casing

The watch has a waterproof housing to secure the interior parts from water damage. You can go swimming while wearing this watch, especially if you want to monitor your calorie-burning when swimming.

12 Sports Applications

This smartwatch features 12 different sports, ranging from running, hiking, walking, and many others that you can utilize when working outdoors.

Notification Settings

This smartwatch allows you to monitor your day to day activities since you can set up an alarm clock, notifications of emails, and can also connect to smartphones to answer and make calls smoothly.

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  • The smartwatch comes with a 12 months warranty.
  • It is compatible with the majority of the smartphones from Android and iOS.
  • The smartwatch has waterproof material construction to fit swimmers or people who work out under the rain.
  • The watch as an extensive and use bring display screen


  • The straps of this smartwatch are made with plastic materials, which make it look quite cheap.

5. Basis Health Tracker for Fitness, Sleep, and Stress

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This is a multifunctional small waist smartwatch ideal for tracking your daily activities and health. It has a compact and lightweight structure for comfort, even when you wear it for a long time.

Reliable Health Tracker

This smartwatch is perfect for tracking all your health activities. From the heartbeat, calorie-burning, perspiration rate, and even the fat burnt in the body. This feature makes it fit people who want to venture to workout because you can efficiently monitor the weight loss journey.

Automatic Tracking Set

This is easy to operate a smartwatch that automatically starts to track your activities when you begin to move. It is reliable for monitoring sleep since it displays your sleep pattern daily so you can figure out if you are having a good and restful night.

Compatible with Smartphones and Bluetooth

You can sync this smartwatch with smartphones for easy control of the phone, such as picking calls, or even for notifications. It has a Bluetooth connection to share music with other devices.
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  • This smartwatch is quite multifunctional.
  • It automatically begins to track the activities when you wear it.
  • The smartwatch has Bluetooth connection.
  • It is one of the best Android smartwatches for small wrists


  • This smartwatch has limited tracking apps.

6. Garmin Vivosmart HR+ GPS Fitness Activity Tracker

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This smartwatch has a small structure design, making it the best Garmin watch for a small wrist. The smartwatch is multifunctional to track your health, fitness, sleep, and you can integrate it with a smartphone for easy use of the phone. You can pick up calls using this smartwatch instead of the phone.

A Large display screen

Viewing this smartwatch is super easy, thanks to the large screen. It displays all the data in significant digits so you can take a peak while on the move. For example, you can easily view the calories you have burnt or the heart rate while still running.

Multiple Results Display

This smartwatch ensures you have full feedback of all the activities you undertake. It provides the steps you take when climbing stairs when running, your pace, the calories you burn, and even the distance you cover when running or walking.


Do you want to set up the smartwatch to display all notifications from your smartphone, well you can quickly achieve that as it is compatible with multiple smartphones from iOS and Androids. Some of the notification you can receive from the smartwatch are; alarm time, calendar reminder, Facebook, emails, and many others

Compact and Lightweight

You can comfortably wear this watch under the shirt because it is super small. The lightweight structure makes it convenient to wear for an entire day.

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  • This smartwatch is compatible with other smartphones for easy control.
  • It is quite light in weight.
  • The watch monitors both sleep and fitness journey.
  • It has a large display screen for easy viewing of the results.


  • You may need to continually update the apps on this smartwatch for easy control and viewing.

How accurate are sleep trackers, and which smartwatch is most accurate?

As said earlier, the sleep tracker watches are not fully accurate in giving the sleep information since they rely on one’s body motion to conclude on the quality of the sleep. But, the information provided by the smartwatches such as Fitbits, Garmin, and Apple can help you to monitor your sleep.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch to Track Sleep

These are the top six best smartwatch brands on the market worth considering for accurately sleep tracking. They have different monitor apps that allow one to monitor their workout routines and other activities like sleep. Some of these smartwatches have inbuilt sports activities that you can utilize when working out. So, find the best fitness watch to track sleep from these six brands.

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