Can Smartwatch Work Without Phone

Can Smartwatch Work Without Phone?

If you are here, then you know that smartwatches come with several benefits that are too good to pass. Most people love the aspect that they don’t need to take out their phones every time they receive a notification, call, or message.

Yet, have you considered how easier life would be if your smartwatch could work without a phone? You wouldn’t need to have your phone with you all the time, which is fantastic. So, can a smartwatch work without a phone? Do you want to learn how to use a smartwatch without a phone? Well, let us take a look at the possibilities.

Can a Smartwatch Work Without a Phone?

The simple answer is yes; a smartwatch can work without being paired with a phone. Some of the features that would work on your smartwatch without a paired connection to your phone include; alarm, calendar, time, barometer, thermometer, pedometer, altimeter, and activity tracking.

However, what if you want to receive calls and messages on your smartwatch without a smartphone? What smartwatch does not need a phone? Well, you will need to get a standalone smartwatch. The standalone smartwatches have a built-in cellular radio that can operate your SIM card. Depending on your smartwatch, you will either have an LTE or 3G connection using a plug-in SIM or eSIM.

Standalone Smartwatch Without Phone

If you are still confused about what a standalone smartwatch is, then we need to take a more in-depth look. The standalone smartwatch eliminates the need for a phone because it offers all the functionalities of a smartphone.

However, understand that some standalone smartwatches will need an initial pairing to your smartphone. From then on, these devices can operate using a SIM card. Most of these devices will get you a stable connection that lets you browse websites.

The great news is that you get to make calls and send messages right from your phone. With the standalone smartwatches, you will never miss a notification. You also get to install apps on your standalone smartwatch without a phone.

Advantages of Using a Standalone Smartwatch

1. Access to Numerous Functions

Typically, a regular smartwatch will need to be paired with your phone to get access to most of the functions. But, the standalone smartwatch will get you access to all the functions of a regular smartphone right on your wrist.

With a standalone smartwatch, you won’t have to bring your phone along all the time. If you love the morning or evening walks, then you could stream music from your smartwatch. You also won’t have to walk around with your smartphone, which reduces the risk of theft or loss.

2. Smartwatch that can Make Calls without a Phone

These smartwatches support a sim card and have the ability to work independently. So it can make calls without a phone. Moreover, you can use it to send and receive messages and calls right from your wristwatch.

3. Internet Access

Because your standalone smartwatch has a 3G or LTE connection, you can access the internet without your phone. We live in a virtual world where most people spend most of their time on the internet. A standalone smartwatch will ensure that you never miss a moment.

4. You get a second Phone

Instead of buying a second phone, why not consider getting a standalone smartwatch? Most people tend to get a second phone, which might not be economical if you ask me. A standalone smartwatch lets you watch YouTube videos, receive messages, make calls, and browse websites. It is, therefore, a small phone that you get to carry on your wrist.

Disadvantages of Using a Standalone Smartwatch

1. Short Battery Life

One massive setback to these standalone smartwatches is the short battery life. Understand that the antennas and cellular radio signals will drain the battery of these devices significantly. In most cases, you will have to charge your smartwatch daily. Now, most users find it quite tiresome to charge their smartphones all the time. However, if anyone is interested in a long-lasting battery watch then you can visit our article on best battery life smartwatches reviews.

2. Cellular Service Cost

Understand that you will need a voice and data plan for your standalone smartwatch. In most instances, you will have to get an individual plan that will cost you more money. It is also worth mentioning that the screen may be too small to carry out certain functions effectively.

Can I Use the Navigation Option on My Smartwatch?

Android Wear 2.0 and above users can use the navigation on their smartwatch without having a connection to their smartphone. Most of the new smartwatches on the market have a built-in GPS that lets you use the navigation option without pairing the watch to a phone.

Can a Standalone Smartwatch Replace my Smartphone Entirely?

Yes, the standalone smartwatches have the same functionalities as a regular smartphone. However, these devices are not quite there yet if you ask me. Your smartphone has several aspects that smartwatches are not yet able to offer. The ‘smartwatch no phone needed’ is a great selling point, but these devices cannot entirely replace your smartphone.

A great example is the screen size. Understand that your smartphone has a bigger screen that makes it more user-friendly and convenient. A standalone smartwatch has a small screen that might reduce the functionality significantly.

Although it is projected that the standalone smartwatches will get a more reliable battery in the future, this might take some time. For now, most of these devices aren’t practical for heavy users since their battery life is relatively short.

In my opinion, getting a standalone smartwatch is an excellent idea. Understand that technology is quickly changing, and we need to start adapting to these changes. They are an excellent investment for people who don’t want to always have their smartphones with them.


We are all curious about what the future holds for smartwatches. There are going to be significant improvements over the years to come. The great news is that these devices are great for both women and men. Get yourself a suitable smartwatch today and enjoy the different benefits that come with them.

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