Best Smartwatches For Teens in 2022

Smartwatches are a great way to introduce technology to teenagers. They are designed for people of all ages, particularly those who want to monitor their activities and achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. Many men and women alike have embraced smartwatches as a way to stay fit. Similarly, teens interested in getting fit and keeping track of their activities have the option of purchasing these smartwatches. 

There is a wide range of smartwatches designed for teens on the market today, and this post could be your best friend if you’re searching for one. It outlines five of the best smartwatches for teenagers. A teenage smartwatch is a best-in-class companion that your wrist deserves. Now let us take a look at the five top-rated smartwatches.

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List of The Best Smartwatches for Teens

1. Apple Watch Series 4 - Top Smartwatch for Teenagers

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This Apple watch series is reviewed as one of the most advanced smartwatches offering numerous benefits and features. It is no surprise why many people always go for apple watches. These watches have stood the test of time in durability, accuracy, great features, and top-quality performance, making them ideal for teenagers.

Firstly, it has an attractive design, so it looks superb on any teenager’s wrist. The Series 4 watch is an excellent upgrade from the previous versions, fundamentally re-designed to suit a teenager’s needs. It features a large display for easy viewing and superior visibility in all light conditions. It can make for a fantastic fitness companion thanks to its activity tracking and automatic workout detection; that’s why it is the best apple watch for teens.

On top of that, this smartwatch for teenagers has your health in mind, given the electrical heart sensor so you can keep tabs on your heart rate wherever you are. You will be notified of high and low heart rates and an irregular rhythm.

There are also advanced features for runners, such as pace alerts and cadence. You can take part in the monthly challenges and stand a chance to win achievement awards at every level. A unique feature, particularly for teenagers, is the ability to stream Apple podcasts and Apple music.

However, it will not be possible for those who prefer third-party watch faces to the pre-installed ones. Also, you get the option of an always-on screen: This means that you will have to press a button to wake up the screen when you need to view the time.


  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Improved accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Optical heart sensor & Built-in cellular
  • Durable build w/Large display
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  • Automatic workout detection
  • Allows for activity sharing with friends
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Swim-proof and waterproof
  • Emergency SOS


  • No advanced sleep tracking
  • Third-party watch faces are not supported.
  • No option for an always-on screen

2. Ticwatch S Smartwatch-Glacier - Best Smartwatch for teens with calling

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The Ticwatch S Smartwatch has a lot to offer to teenagers, particularly fitness enthusiasts. It is a top-rated teenager smartwatch thanks to its premium quality performance, outstanding design, and accurate activity tracking features.

This watch runs on a Wear OS system that is compatible with IOS and Android alike. That allows you to stay connected to your smartphone wherever you are. You can conveniently receive notifications and messages at the comfort of your wrist.

Moreover, the Google Assistant feature is instrumental in getting tasks done at just the sound of your voice. That offers convenience like no other. Additionally, this stylish watch is conveniently lightweight with a slim design offering a comfortable wearing experience. The accurate activity tracking makes this watch an excellent workout companion for fitness fanatics.

Also, it comes with a built-in PPG sensor and six heart rate interval data so you can monitor your heart rate. This smartwatch allows for customizable watch faces to suit diverse teenage preferences. The phone-free music option might be the reason why many teenagers gravitate towards this timepiece.

Furthermore, it is waterproof and dust-proof, so you need not worry about sweating it out. This smartwatch for teens with a calling feature ensures you are notified of all incoming calls. However, for a smartwatch of this caliber, the battery life is somewhat average. It is also not swim-proof, an issue raised in many reviews.


  • Personal voice assistant
  • Customizable watch faces
  • IOS and Android compatible
  • Phone-free music option
  • Built-in GPS
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  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Always-on screen facility
  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Google Assistant capability


  • It is not swim-proof
  • Average battery life

3. Samsung Gear S2 - Best Smartwatch for Teenagers

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Samsung smartwatches are some of the best smartwatches, with a barrage of positive customer reviews. It is a renowned brand for superb performance. The Samsung gear sport smartwatch does not disappoint, giving customers all the more reasons to stick with the brand. This smartwatch for teenagers comes with outstanding features housed in an elegant timepiece.

The watch features elegant curves and a premium finish that makes it a functional piece of art. You can make this watch your companion thanks to its accurate heart rate tracking and activity tracking. It has your health in mind and allows you to keep tabs on the same.

What’s more, this is the best smartwatch for teenagers and is compatible with both IOS and Android. That ensures that you do not miss out on any messages, calls, or notifications. You are alerted to any incoming call or notification by vibration.

Unique to this smartwatch is the S Health app that allows you to track your dietary concerns such as caffeine, water, and calorie intake. The built-in wireless charging dock provides unparalleled charging convenience. It features a circular touchscreen for easy use, and the rotating bezel navigation comes in handy to quickly locate your favorite apps.

Besides its functionality, this watch is stylish with a customizable modern design, so you can choose your favorite watch faces. A drawback for many customers, however, is that this watch does not have speakers. Also, the negative customer reviews pointed out the limited app selection and weak vibrations.


  • Elegant design
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Accurate heart rate tracking
  • Wireless charging dock
  • Rotating bezel
  • S health app
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  • Efficient smartwatch with elegant design
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Android and IOS compatibility
  • Customizable design option
  • Measures activities throughout the day


  • It lacks speakers 
  • Weak vibration for notifications 
  • Limited app selection

4. LG Electronics LGW270.AUSAPG Smartwatch for Teenage Girls

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The LG Electronics smartwatch will exceed the expectations of any tech-savvy teenager. It comes with great features for teenagers that warrant it a spot among the best smartwatches for teenagers. Firstly, it boasts a slim and attractive design that gives a comfortable and stylish wearing experience. Many customers delight in the design as it matches virtually any style.

Moreover, this smartwatch is compatible with IOS and Android alike, so that you can stay connected with your smartphone at the comfort of your wrist. It features a premium quality leather band that makes the watch comfortable to wear all day long. The integrated Google Assistant feature makes this smartwatch convenient and very user-friendly.

Another thing is, to the delight of many, it comes with an always-on screen feature. That means you do not have to tap to wake or press a button every time you want to view the time. Furthermore, it is built to last with a stainless-steel case and leather band.

Also, it is dust-proof and water-resistant. This watch resembles a classic timepiece with a chic look, making it a well-loved smartwatch for teenage girls. It also doubles as a great fitness watch. However, many customers are not happy with the battery life of the watch. It is also not swim-proof, so swimmers have to take it off before entering the pool.


  • Smartphone notifications
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • High-quality leather band
  • Stainless steel case
No products found.


  • Always-on screen feature
  • Water-resistant and dust-proof
  • It has a built-in Google Assistant feature.
  • Wireless magnetic charging capability
  • Slim and stylish watch


  • Battery life could be better.
  • It lacks the Google pay option.
  • It is not swim-proof

5. Garmin Venu Sq - Best GPS Smartwatch for Teens

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The Garmin Venu Sq smartwatch is the perfect teenager watch for those conscious of their health. It boasts commendable precision and is reviewed as the best GPS smartwatch for teens. Moreover, it keeps track of heart rate, stress levels, sleep quality-all the aspects of your health that you need to monitor.

This smartwatch has broad compatibility with both IOS and Android and the Garmin mobile app is user-friendly. The silicone strap is comfortable and gentle on any skin type. It is well suited for teenagers and offers a snug fit all day long. The large touchscreen is easy to use, with excellent visibility and minimal glare in the sun.

Another thing is, this Garmin teenage watch comes with up to 20 pre-loaded apps allowing you to choose any mode, be it walking or running. The precise sensors ensure only accurate details are displayed on the screen. Teens love the unlimited features this watch offers. You also get to receive messages and incoming calls, so you never miss anything important.

However, you can not answer any calls with it. Another great feature is the Garmin Pay option that allows you to pay without your physical cards. This watch has an impressive battery life, lasting up to six days on a single charge. It makes an excellent smartwatch for teenage boys.

It monitors everything from body battery energy, stress levels, blood oxygen levels, hydration tracking, and even menstrual cycle tracking. Furthermore, it has built-in sports apps, including golf, swimming, cycling, running, etc. There are pre-loaded workouts such as yoga and cardio, so teenagers can lead healthy and fit lifestyles.


  • Safety and tracking options
  • Advanced sleep monitoring
  • Wrist-based heart rate
  • Built-in sports apps
  • Garmin Pay option
No products found.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sleep monitoring features
  • Impressive heart rate tracking
  • Ultimate touch response
  • Garmin Pay option


  • You can not answer calls with it


Is an Apple Watch suitable for Teens?

Apple watches are suitable for people of all ages. Even for teens, it comes with handy features such as smart notifications, music capability, activity tracking, and so on. The apple watch also allows activity sharing with friends for enhanced interactions. The emergency SOS is a crucial safety feature for teenagers as well. 

Apple watches exhibit great precision and accuracy in all their features. Furthermore, these watches are built to last, with swim-proof and waterproof properties for versatile use. Teens get to enjoy the top-quality performance and outstanding features of Apple watches.

What is the best smartwatch for a teenager?

Apple Watch Series 4 is the best smartwatch for teenagers. Why? It’s one of the most advanced smartwatches available. It comes packed with features that most teenagers will be looking for in a smartwatch, like a large display for easy viewing and superior visibility. As an upgrade from the previous versions, it has a design that suits teenagers’ needs. 

The design and construction has a classy style and it’s available in multiple colors. That gives teenagers a selection option to match their preferences. Besides this, the Series 4 allows the user to access and stream Apple music and podcasts, something teenagers will enjoy. If you want to get your teenager a fitness watch they love, this is it. It comes with heart sensor, pace alerts, and more. 

Why should I buy a smartwatch for teens? 

Teenagers tend to embrace the latest technology and up-to-date devices. They want to access a fully functioning device that is stylish and also looks youthful. What better way to achieve this than to gift them a smartwatch specially designed for teens? These watches allow them to accomplish all the activities they demand. 

Furthermore, the ability to receive notifications, activity tracking, and a host of other features are essential for these young boys and girls. Buying a smartwatch for teens is also a great way to introduce technology to their young minds.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch for Teenagers

Nowadays, smartwatches are also popular among teenage boys and girls. This article sheds light on the best smartwatches for teens we have on the market today. These watches combine function and style to give them the best experience.

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