Best Women's Smartwatch for Android

Best Women’s Smartwatches for Android 2021

It is always fun to accessorize, especially as a woman. However, when choosing the best android smartwatch for women, it becomes a battle to find the perfect blend between fashion and function. Here’s some excellent news, though. As you well know, there is a wide selection of smartwatches made exclusively for women available in the market today.

You can therefore count on their functionality without compromising fashion sense. This article has rounded up the best five picks of ladies android smartwatch for you to choose from. Moreover, we have also outlined their outstanding features, pros, and cons so you can have a broader insight before making the final decision.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - Best Smartwatch for Android

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an excellent purchase, and as one of the best Samsung watches for women, it can do it all. This smartwatch features activity tracking that automatically tracks all your workouts. You can count on it for accurate pace and distance estimation during biking, swimming, walking, running, and exercises.

Additionally, it comes with a wide range of customizable bands and faces to choose from, so you can get one that perfectly fits your taste and preferences. This watch comes with an active heart rate monitor so you can keep tabs on your health at all times. It allows seamless connection to android devices via Bluetooth so you can always stay connected to your favorite apps.

Additionally, this android wear for women has a sleek and lightweight design for a stylish and comfortable wearing experience. The Bixby voice functionality listens to all your commands, from reading your texts to cranking up your Spotify playlist. The built-in sleep tracker is handy to help you get a better night’s sleep.

The long-lasting battery is designed to go for more than a day. You can quickly boost it from your compatible galaxy phone. The Samsung Pay allows you to pay from your wrist. Also, you can use the built-in mic to make and take phone calls. This Android smartwatch small wrist model comes with bands for everyone’s comfort.


  • Customizable bands and faces
  • Comfortable, sleek design
  • Android/IOS compatible
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Auto tracking


  • A built-in mic allows you to make and receive calls.
  • It comes with a heart rate monitor, GPS, and NFC.
  • Pair seamlessly with devices via Bluetooth
  • Payment convenience with Samsung Pay
  • Comes with optional LTE connectivity
  • Its battery is built for endurance.


  • It can get expensive with LTE.

2. Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch - Best Android wear Watch

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch is the ultimate Android fitness watch companion. It has everything you need starting with the built-in GPS for accurate distance estimation. You can always leave your phone at home and track your distance and pace during rides and runs and then monitor your workout intensity with the Fitbit app. There is also a 24/7 heart rate monitor so you can keep tabs on your health. This watch offers sleep tracking and sleeps score features for better management of your sleep.

Moreover, it features a voice assistant that is always ready to help. The battery has an impressive lifespan of more than six days, so you can use it continuously without worrying about charging it. The active zone minutes function helps you get the most out of your workouts as they gauge the effort during exercises and give a buzz when the intensity is stepped up. This best android wear watch comes with a built-in mic and speaker that allows you to take Bluetooth calls hands-free.

Another thing is, it has fast charging of just 12 minutes. This watch’s design was thoughtfully crafted as it is conveniently lightweight with a flexible infinity band and a swim-proof design. The large clock face features a bright AMOLED display so you can easily view stats and notifications as the best women’s smartwatch small wrist watch comes with a quick-release mechanism for comfortable wear.

There are thousands of clock faces to choose from, so you can set one that fits your style. You can download as many apps as possible on this smartwatch, from games and music to Uber and United Airlines. The Fitbit Pay app allows you to upload your debit and credit cards to your watch for tap and pay convenience. Furthermore, you can store and play your favorite playlists and podcasts, all from your wrist.


  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Built-in mic and speaker
  • Active zone minutes
  • Heart rate tracker
  • Music control
  • Built-in GPS


  • Active zone minutes allows you to make the most out of your workouts
  • Voice assistant for checking the weather, set reminders, and so on
  • Continuous heart rate tracking for better calorie burn estimate
  • Sleep tracking and sleep score for sleep quality better
  • Built-in GPS for accurate pace and distance tracking
  • 6+ day battery life and fast charging


  • Always-on display kills battery life.
  • App selection is limited.

3. Fossil Gen 5 Julianna - Best Android Smartwatch for Women

The new and improved Fossil Gen 5 Julianna Smartwatch will be well-loved by Fossil fans. This smartwatch runs on WearOS and is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. The battery has a long lifespan of 24 hours, which depending on usage, could last longer. Moreover, a multi-day extended mode allows you to use the essential watch functions even when the battery is too low. This smartwatch also comes with a USB cable and a magnetic charger designed to snap two rings on the back of the watch to rotate 360 degrees for easy use. It can charge over 80% within an hour.

On top of that, this smartwatch incorporates Google Fit with the heart rate and activity tracking features. Therefore, you can count on it for your health and fitness journey. The built-in GPS comes in handy for accurate distance measurement. Furthermore, this smartwatch features a swim-proof design with a 3ATM rating, so you need not worry about anything. New wellness enhancements allow you to track your sleep history, set sleep goals, and monitor restfulness.

Besides this, it comes with thousands of Android wear watch faces, so you can always personalize it to your tastes and preferences. Moreover, hundreds of apps range from assistant, fitness, and payments to music, games, socials, news, and much more. You can also count on it for smartwatch functions keeping you connected with the call, text, apps, calendar, and automatic time notifications.


  • Heart rate and activity tracking
  • Thousands of watch faces
  • Smartwatch functions
  • Swim-proof design
  • 24hr battery life
  • Built-in GPS


  • Offers smartwatch notifications for calls, texts, apps, etc
  • An onboard GPS, NFC, and heart rate tracker
  • Thousands watch faces to choose from
  • Stylish and lightweight design


  • Battery saving modes limit functionality.
  • Mediocre battery life

4. Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie - Best Cheap Smartwatch for Android

Michael Kors Access Gen 3 Sofie Smartwatch is well worth your money. This smartwatch offers touchscreen functionality for easy use. Moreover, it’s smart features such as smartphone notifications for calls, texts, apps, etc. It comes with numerous watch faces to choose which suits your tastes and preferences while ensuring you can quickly tell the time.

Moreover, you can interchange the watch bands to meet your fashion sense perfectly. This smartwatch enables activity tracking as well as custom goal setting, making it an ideal fitness companion. Even though it’s the best budget women’s smartwatch, it comes with lots of music controls so you can listen to your favorite music at your comfort and convenience. It is the best cheap smartwatch for Android.

Another thing is, this smartwatch for women is water-resistant to 1 ATM. It has an estimated battery life of 24 hours, depending on usage. This smartwatch runs on Wear OS by Google and is compatible with both Android and IOS. However, only android users can reply to texts. This watch is highly recommended if you are looking for a sparkly timepiece. It is ideal for any occasion and outfit. The Google Fit app enables you to keep track of the calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled when running, biking, or walking.


  • Activity and custom goal tracking
  • Touchscreen functionality
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Extra buckle included
  • Gorgeous design
  • 24hr battery life


  • Touchscreen functionality makes it easy to use
  • Customizable watch faces choosing from
  • Activity tracking with Google Fit
  • A glamorous design
  • Google Assistant


  • No heart rate monitor
  • Lacks GPS and NFC

5. Kate Spade Scallop 2 - Best Android Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for fashion at its finest, then you will meet your match with the Kate Spade Scallop 2 Smartwatch. This watch is a fashion statement without compromising functionality. It comes with activity and heart rate tracking to help you monitor your health and fitness.

Moreover, the built-in GPS ensures accurate distance estimation, and the swim-proof design ensures you have nothing to worry about. You can count on this watch for your home workouts. This smartwatch responds to Google assistant, which is always there to help. Google Pay comes in handy for contactless pay using your watch. It is compatible with both IOS and Android and is powered by WearOS by Google.

What’s more is, this Kate spade women’s watch keeps you connected with friends and family as it allows smart notifications for texts, calls, and some apps. And the best part is, it’s a women’s smart watch compatible with iPhone allowing you to enjoy the same in both Android and iPhone. You can also monitor your health with the included guided breathing exercises. The custom goal settings will significantly help you reach your fitness goals. It is perfect for every activity.

Furthermore, it boasts of a 24hr battery life and comes with a USB magnetic rapid charger. There are several watch faces so you can choose one that suits your tastes and preferences. This watch features touchscreen functionality for easy use. For music fans, the music control allows you to listen to your favorite playlists anytime. This watch is conveniently lightweight for a more comfortable wearing experience.


  • Heart rate tracking and activity tracking
  • Contactless pay with Google Pay
  • Smart notifications
  • Swimproof design
  • 24hr battery life
  • Untethered GPS


  • Help stay connected with friends and family with smart notifications.
  • Built-in GPS for accurate distance tracking
  • Always-ready-to-help Google assistant
  • Heart rate and activity tracking
  • Fashionable design


  • It is on the expensive side.
  • Short battery life


Are Smartwatches compatible with Android?

If you have an android smartphone and are looking for a smartwatch, there are many great options available that run on Wear OS by Google. You can easily connect these watches to your smartphone so you can get the most out of the watch. They allow you to stay connected with family and friends with smart notifications. The number of android smartwatches has significantly grown since its inception. Now, even the fashion brands have taken up the idea and are designing android women’s smartwatch that is fashionable and functional at the same time.

What is the Best Smartwatch for Android?

Currently, the best smartwatch for Android is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It is optimized for the Samsung phones, but it works well with all Android devices. Also, this smartwatch comes with all the fitness and smartwatch features you can expect. It is lightweight with a compact design for a comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, the battery is also long-lasting. What makes it the best women’s Android smartwatch? It’s a fashionable style allowing you to wear it with almost anything.

Can I use an Apple Watch with Android?

Using an apple watch with Android is not advised. You may be able to use a cellular apple watch with an android phone, but the watch will not pair with the phone. This means that they will not exchange data. Moreover, you are likely to get terrible battery life. Apple watches need iPhones to set up successfully and will not pair with Android.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Android Smartwatch for Women

There are many solid picks of the best women’s android smartwatch, and only a few key differences to separate them. You should, therefore, be keen when selecting the ideal one. You can be sure to find the best android smartwatch for women from the above list. Good luck!

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