Best Smartwatch for 10 Year Old

Best Smartwatches for 10-year-old in 2022

A kid’s smartwatch is more than just a timepiece. These come in handy on many occasions, such as emergencies with SOS settings and making and receiving calls. Some have incorporated modern perks such as fitness tracking that works to encourage your child to get outside and be active. Others have GPS tracking to help parents know where their children are at all times. The best smartwatch for 10 year old a great way to introduce your kids to technology in this modern world.

With that said, you must buy a useful and efficient smartwatch for a child and that’s challenging with the current state of the market. There are various models available with varying qualities. Luckily, this post will help you find the best device for your little angel. It avails to you the top best models available for purchase today.

List of The Best Smartwatches for Kids under 10-Years Old

1. Vtech KidiZoom DX2 Smartwatch - The Best Smartwatch for 10 year Old

Vtech KidiZoom DX2 Smartwatch will be your kid’s favorite device. It is well designed to suit young children from the age of four with a kid-friendly interface. This smartwatch has an easy-to-use touchscreen to give the children an easy time using it. Also, there are dual cameras so your child can take as many photos as possible. That is also made possible with the large 256MB of internal memory.

Moreover, this smartwatch comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, and the package comes inclusive of a USB cable. It looks like a watch for grown-ups, only made for kids. Therefore, you can enjoy a wide range of features, including a timer, alarm, and a calendar to help them master time management.

This smartwatch for 6 year old also comes equipped with over 55 analogs and digital watch faces to choose from to allow the kids to explore the time concepts in awesome ways. There are numerous games to keep your kids entertained as well as brain teasers. There is an included motion sensor for active games and motion-controlled games. Furthermore, this smartwatch allows you to add awesome effects while exploring their creativity with the fun photo effects, filters, frames, and stamps for the photos and videos.

There is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to ensure that the watch content is secure. Also, this watch is inclusive of time limits and parental game controls. There is a pedometer that works to keep track of their steps while encouraging active play. This smartwatch has a durable design perfectly sized to fit a child’s wrist. The strap is breathable, and the watch face is splash-proof with a kid-tough design making it suitable for everyday use.


  • Poplar monster detector game
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Free watch faces
  • Camera effects
  • Dual cameras
  • Splash-proof


  • High-quality pictures
  • Parents can control features.
  • It is the best smartwatch for kids.
  • It comes with a timer, alarm, and calendar.
  • It has a durable and splash-proof design.


  • The battery deteriorates quickly.

2. INIUPO Kids Smartwatch - Best Smartwatch for 10 year old with Games

INIUPO Kids smartwatch is the coolest smartwatch made just for kids and the best smartwatch for 10 year old with games. This feature-rich smartwatch for boys and girls supports contacts, calendar, phone, alarm, camera, and music player to give you the best experience. Also, this smartwatch enables a two-way call so the kids can make and receive calls. It allows you to set up to 10 contacts in the phonebook. The kids can download music from the computer and save them on a Micro SD card. It comes with seven built-in interesting games for your children, including the ultimate racing, eat gold, car grab, and so on.

Another thing is, this smartwatch for 8-year-old comes with a built-in calculator, SOS, and flashlight features. It is easy to operate with a touchscreen display. You do not need to download any app or connect it to a cellphone- all the functions come built-in the watch. The battery is rechargeable, and it comes with a USB cable. This smartwatch has five different country languages to help your child learn more. The SOS emergency call comes in handy when the kids are in distress. You can connect the watch with other devices over cellular or USB. This watch has also a camera feature that allows the kids to take photos during their playtime.


  • Emergency call settings
  • Seven different games
  • Three alarm clocks
  • Camera feature
  • Music player
  • Wallpapers


  • The watch is incredibly easy to operate.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • It has a bright display and comes with emergency call settings.
  • It comes with numerous brilliant features such as a music player and games.


  • Relatively hard to set up
  • Temperamental call settings

3. GBD Kids Smartwatch - Best Smartwatch for Children

You can never go wrong with the GBD Kids smartwatch. This watch comes with age-appropriate games as well as puzzles that are not only fun but also educational. These will keep your children entertained for hours. It comes with a camera feature so your kids can take photos during their playtime for memories. Also, it allows two-way calling so your kids can make and receive phone calls and comes with one key SOS. It allows you to add up to 10 contacts in the phone book. The strap is made of soft silicone material, making the watch comfortable to wear. This smartwatch has five different country languages for more convenience.

What’s more, it is highly waterproof-IP67 level, so you need not worry about swimming. There are five built-in games that the children can play with through the touchscreen, including 2048, ultimate racing, pinball hit bricks, car grab goods, and basketball shoot master. The SOS emergency call is a great help for the children in an emergency. They can easily press the power button twice to call family members for help.

Furthermore, this smartwatch comes with three alarm clocks for the children to develop a strong sense of time. There is also a calculator that is a useful tool to calculate and improve learning efficiency during their study time. Moreover, this smartwatch for a child comes with a flashlight feature that is easy to handle and illuminates dark environments to bring fun for them at night. That’s all make it the best smartwatch for children.


  • Fun games
  • Two-way call
  • Camera feature
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Built-in flashlight
  • SOS emergency settings
  • 12/24 hour and alarm clock


  • It is easy to use
  • It provides kids with hours of fun with built-in games.
  • The strap material is soft silicone making it comfortable to wear
  • It enables two-way calling so the children can always keep in touch with family.
  • This watch has a camera feature so your children can take photos of their favorite moments.


  • Making and receiving calls is complicated.

4. Garmin vivofit jr. 2 - Best Smartwatch for kids with GPS

Satisfaction is guaranteed with the Garmin vivofit jr. 2. This Garmin smartwatch for kids is a swim-friendly activity tracker thanks to its waterproof design. You now need not worry about anything. Also, this smartwatch has a tough design so it can endure the rigors of kids’ playtime. The user-replaceable battery has more than a year’s lifetime, so you do not have to stop and recharge it constantly. This kids smart watch phone enables a mobile controlled app that parents can use to manage rewards and chores. The vivofit two is ideal for a Star Wars enthusiast as it features your favorite Star Wars characters like BB-8 featured in several apps. Also, the color screen is customizable to suit the kid’s tastes and preferences. This smartwatch is comfortable to wear with a soft, comfortable adjustable band.

Besides that, this smartwatch features a GPS tracker for kids so you can always know the whereabouts of your children. Moreover, the kids can explore the Star Wars story app adventure upon meeting the daily 60-minute activity goals. This smart watch 10-year old can also track steps, sleep, and the daily 60 minutes of recommended activity to encourage your children to get outside and be active. Two-alarm clocks can be set to help the kids master time management. Furthermore, this smartwatch can synch with a free mobile app for easy control. It is easy to control with the kid-friendly user interface.


  • Swim-friendly activity tracker
  • Customizable color screen
  • Friendly step challenges
  • 1+ year battery
  • Stretchy band


  • The battery can last up to 1 year; no recharging is needed.
  • This smartwatch for kids with GPS has a swim-friendly design.
  • It is durably built to make it through daily outdoor playtime.
  • The band is stretchy and adjustable, making it comfortable to wear.
  • It allows parents to manage chores and rewards from the parent-controlled mobile app.
  • It tracks steps, sleep, and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity to keep your child active.


  • Lacks games to keep the child entertained

5. BAUISAN Kids Smartwatch - Best Smartwatch for Boys and Girls

The BAUISAN Kids Smartwatch is ideal for both Boys and Girls aged 3-12 years. It’s a small, easy-to-use smartwatch phone with a touch screen. It comes packed with 14 kids’ games to keep your little one entertained. You little angel can play 2048, Bee War, Basketball Shoot Master, Car Grab Goods, Pinball Hit Bricks, Eat Gold, and Ultimate Racing. There are also educational games such as the math game to keep your child entertained while learning during their free time.

The watch comes with two-way calling that allows you to communicate with your child wherever and whenever you want. However, you will need a micro-SIM card for this function. The smartwatch is still operational without it, but no calls.

Another convenient feature included in this smartwatch for 10-year old is the Cameral that allows you to record your kid’s memories. It can store photos too, which you can transfer to more reliable storage. Thanks to the watch’s capability to work independently, there is no need to connect to a cell phone, something quite convenient for the kids.

When in class, there is a silent profile to engage to avoid disturbing sessions. This thing also has three alarm clocks for keeping track of time. The SOS feature included here is also another handy feature you’ll love as a parent. It helps you to find help for your kid easily. With the watch having ten slots to save contacts, some can be SOS emergency contacts to dial when the kid is in panic.

Bauisan Kids watch adopts high precision waterproof components, IP67 level, and high waterproof technology, so you need not worry about swimming anymore. It is easy to operate with a touchscreen display and comfortable to wear. It also comes with a built-in flashlight as well as body temperature measuring abilities.


  • Selfie Camera
  • LED flashlight
  • Waterproof design
  • MP3 Music Player
  • Educational games
  • Comfortable wrist band


  • It allows 2-way calling.
  • It’s effortless to operate.
  • It has broad phone compatibility.
  • The watch comes with an SOS emergency feature.
  • It does make an excellent gift idea for 3-12-year-old kids.


  • No SIM card installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy my child an apple watch?

For parents, there could be several benefits of getting your child a kids apple watch. For one, if you use the tracking apps, these watches will make it easier for you to know your kids’ exact whereabouts. Another thing is, if you opt to get your child a kids apple watch, they are less likely to be staring at their phones, but at their watches instead.

That reduces the time they spend on their phones if any, and so act like a kids’ smartwatch phone. Moreover, apple watches have better tracking of activities. They are also the most recommended way to introduce kids to the latest technology. You can, therefore, opt to get your child a kid’s apple watch.

What is the best smartwatch for a 10-year-old?

When looking for the best smartwatch for a 10-year-old, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration. These include style, durability, comfort, waterproof level, ease of use, reliability, and so on. With this in mind, you can easily find one that will meet your young one’s needs.

Our favorite smartwatch for 10-year old kids from the list above is the VTech KidiZoom DX2 smartwatch. It comes with a kid-friendly interface and an easy-to-use touchscreen giving kids the easiest time to interact with it. What’s more, the smartwatch has a dual camera designed to allow you to record the best memory for your kids.

Besides this, its internal memory is 256MB ideal for recording multiple pictures before you can transfer them. The use of a built-in rechargeable battery allows it to recharge the device and gives it extended run time.

The smart watch for kids price can give you an insight into what you’re buying before you can invest in it. As they say, you get what you buy. But remember, not everything expensive is worth the price and not everything cheap is worthless, the price might be a discounted price.

Final Verdict on Choosing The Best Smartwatch for 10 Year old

The best smartwatches for kids are an excellent gift choice for any occasion. Also, they are an ideal way to introduce children to the ever-growing technology in this modern world. These watches are available in a wide range of designs, styles, and features. The products listed above are the top-ranked in the market that you should consider if you plan to get one.

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